Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad: My Take..

Weighing in at a mirror 1.5 pounds, and the gorgeous 9.7" LED-backlight screen will catch anyone’s attention at first glance. The question: Tablet to change all tablets? Or just another failed attempt? I'll start by saying that this device has been talked about for three years, and it’s nice to see 'most' of the rumors come to an end. Do I really think this is the tablet to change all tablets? No, I think it is just a step into that direction. Allow me to elaborate. First generation model; we know by this time next year we’ll all be drooling over the second generation. If this device were to be perfect from the start, do you think we’d even give thought to purchasing a newer one? I didn’t think so. What makes it a good start to the right direction? Its simplicity: A very familiar interface known to current iPhone and iPod touch users. Compatibility: Simple to download applications off of the app-store and all applications on there are compatible on the device, straight out of the box and syncs with both pc’s and Macs. Pricing: Apple was smart this time around, it’s in everyone’s tablet budget (if you’re not a tight ass). Redesigned applications: The main apps are completely different then what you have seen on the iPhone. Viewing movies is beyond beautiful with its 9.7” display, giving you 720p HD viewing! You can even view YouTube videos in HQ or HD (if available). Calendar looks stunning; your day-planner in a rather sleek device. iPod app looks like a scaled down version of iTunes 9… To learn more about these and other revamped applications, go over to

Star Trek in beautiful 720p (HD)

Now for the things I would of loved to have seen. Number one on this list is, multitasking! That’s right, and the iPad is very much capable of doing this, with its 1gh processor. How would this come in handy? Simple; lets say you’re viewing a movie, and you want to browse the web too. Problem, you would have to pause the movie and open safari. My vision: Pulling up your browser, and having your movie side by side at the same time. Another scenario: is playing on your device, and you want to open up your facebook app to see what the friends are up to. Well I’d be able to exit and look to see who’s on. Video conferencing; this device could of easily had a camera mounted in the front. Maybe next year? A redesigned UI; I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the current, but I would of liked to had seen a cross fade between leopard and the iPhone OS, not just a larger version of the iPhone OS its self. This one I could deal without, but it would be nice to see: Dual dock connection, to charge in both vertical and horizontal. Flash support; this product is practically a laptop… Why don’t we have flash support on it? I can see it as a simple firmware update, but still, out of the box is so much better. At least YouTube is a good source for most of my entertainment. 

You heard my opinion on the device; what is yours? Please do let me know, I always enjoy seeing people different views on Apple and their prroducts.

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