Monday, July 12, 2010

In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete. Drawn only to be washed away.

Well hello there blog!.. It's been awhile hasn't it? What's that? It's been four months! My bad, I tend to forget about accounts that no one really pays attention to. But I figured, why not just place down my thoughts just for the hell of it? Not like anyone takes the time out of their life to anyhow... Where to start. Another semester has passed. I've been done with classes since the end of April/beginning of May. I attended a bad ass concert "Kiss Fest". I saw some good bands there! Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, & Five Finger Death Punch. It was quite enjoyable. There were two other bands, but didn't care for them as much.

A few weeks prior to this event was my birthday, a good one at that. Just had a few of my good friends over for some pizza and what not. Play'd some Axis & Allies like the geeks we are.

I had finals at the end os April. I passed all, but one class... Oh well. It happens right? I was told by my parents after the semester I need to get a job.. Oh fun! So I started applying and searching. I had applied to a great deal of places. HEB, Target, BestBuy, Apple Store, etc... One of my friends told me she had applied at Six Flags. So I gave it some thought and applied. Sure enough, they call me in for an interview and now I am employed.. Not the job I had hoped for, but oh well.

Guess what came out during the summer!? That's right! iPhone 4, and I got it. It's a good phone and you'll know how much I love Apple products.. So it's obvious that I would have to get it.

So if you'll read my S.P.A blog, you'd know that San Japan came.. And went. But it was great! I had a good time with my friends and meet a lot of cool new people. Our airship crew is expanding rather quickly now!  Which is awesome! =D

For now children that's all I am going to say, but I will be back tomorrow and most likely the day after that as well. Remember, this is Jons Mind. So I will be back to blogging on whats on my mind and I'll even try to get back to vlogging.