Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Things You Missed..

It has been a month since I have last posted anything on the personal blog. What a long month it has been too. Where to begin? Well I'll start by saying; Apple inc, your MagSafes are the biggest piece of shits EVER. The cable gave out and for three weeks I was with out one.. There is way more to this story. I had went on eBay looking for a replacement and just when I thought I had found one it turns out that the damn thing was defective when arrived. Son of a bitches! They lied to me.. Also they sent me an 85w MagSafe, my Mac requires a 60w.. So I promptly go in contact with them an demanded a refund. Thankfully they were swift about this, and didn't require me to ship back the item; seeing that it was defective. Back to eBay I went, searching for a more trust worthy seller. Thankfully I came across one and received the working item in four business days.. Anyway, enough about that and on to some other shit. Well there wasn't all bad thins month, I pre-registered for San-Japan :3. Ever since then I been quite excited for the event, even though it's still quite sometime out. I never really been into anime, but it is really cool! I went to one yesterday with my good friend Jared, and his lady friend Felicia. We were all dressed up in Steampunk attire (I'll have more on this on the S.P.A blog).
Here is something you'll will find either really silly, or really cute. There is this girl that I find rather attractive, but the thing is I don't know how to approach her.. The reason being is that I only see her in the mornings. She and I are on the bus, in destination to the same place. I find her to be really cute, but I don't know how to approach her or simply open my mouth and start a conversation with her. To me this is a challenge; not starting conversations with strangers, but with strangers I find attractive.. Oh damn me.
So, do you'll remember 'KCB Films'? I know, it hasn't made videos in awhile, but March will bring a good amount. 'Jons Mind; will be back, and maybe some random content here and there. I need to get my opinions of things out on video so I can be heard. Now when 'Jons Mind' comes back, the episodes will not be in HD. Reasoning for this is rendering time.. But all other original content will be in HD as intended. So for now, this is all I have. Till next time.