Monday, March 22, 2010

Deep in my mind

We all know of my stupid show on YouTube, 'Jons Mind'.  It's not the best thing to watch, but hell, if you love me or just enjoy the stupid shit I say it's for you. Of course there is only so much I am wiling to say on camera. My deepest thoughts will not be recorded, at least not yet. Tell then, I write them... I truly don't know where this blog is going, but I thought I'd let you'll know.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My poetry and thoughts.. (part one)

Here are a few things I take out of my mind and put into words.

"I write these notes to myself in hopes that I will lisetn to what I have to say. And learn to see what was my past, and how it's apart of my future." - Dec 22nd

"While I lay in bed I think about the times we could of had, I think about the ones we've had as well. More importantly I'm still thinking of you. It hurts me more then it will have ever hurt you, because it's me who wants to move on in life.." - Dec 25th

"I live with no true purpose, I live with no true goal, I live with no true meaning, with no true meaning at all. I feel as if I'm lost, I feel as if I'm found, I feel as if I could be somebody, as if I was nobody at all." - Feb 8th

"Why does the human desire to have such vivid memories of something that has never occurred?" - Feb 9th

"We are born once, we die once. We live for as long as we choose." - Feb 10th

"The light at the end of the tunnel seems far more promising then the darkness known as life" - Feb 14th

"It saddens me that some of you can't think for yourselfs. You're poisoned by the people around you. Feeding off of their thoughts and opinions. When you know that it’s not wise. You should open your eyes and stop looking at the shadows of others, and cast your own light & think for yourself. Only you know what is right" - Feb 24th

"I don't know how to feel lately. My mind draws blanks when trying to find any emotions. I want to feel happy, I want to feel sad, I want to feel pain. It seems like I want to love once more, but I don't know how to anymore." - Feb 26th

"I am a god in my own eyes; perfect in every way. Now, believe you're a goddess." - Mar 10th

"This house is the burden of my life. These people in it bring me pain. I feel hate when around them, and see fake smiles on their faces. Nothing good ever comes from this place, it makes me feel smaller then I truly am. Belittled in everyway.. This house is the burden of my life." - Mar 12th

"Abuse me with your words, I won't give in to them. Abuse me with your words, I'll still stand up. Abuse me with your words, I'll still be stronger then you ever knew." - Mar 14th

...So yeah! What do you'll think?