Monday, July 12, 2010

In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concrete. Drawn only to be washed away.

Well hello there blog!.. It's been awhile hasn't it? What's that? It's been four months! My bad, I tend to forget about accounts that no one really pays attention to. But I figured, why not just place down my thoughts just for the hell of it? Not like anyone takes the time out of their life to anyhow... Where to start. Another semester has passed. I've been done with classes since the end of April/beginning of May. I attended a bad ass concert "Kiss Fest". I saw some good bands there! Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, & Five Finger Death Punch. It was quite enjoyable. There were two other bands, but didn't care for them as much.

A few weeks prior to this event was my birthday, a good one at that. Just had a few of my good friends over for some pizza and what not. Play'd some Axis & Allies like the geeks we are.

I had finals at the end os April. I passed all, but one class... Oh well. It happens right? I was told by my parents after the semester I need to get a job.. Oh fun! So I started applying and searching. I had applied to a great deal of places. HEB, Target, BestBuy, Apple Store, etc... One of my friends told me she had applied at Six Flags. So I gave it some thought and applied. Sure enough, they call me in for an interview and now I am employed.. Not the job I had hoped for, but oh well.

Guess what came out during the summer!? That's right! iPhone 4, and I got it. It's a good phone and you'll know how much I love Apple products.. So it's obvious that I would have to get it.

So if you'll read my S.P.A blog, you'd know that San Japan came.. And went. But it was great! I had a good time with my friends and meet a lot of cool new people. Our airship crew is expanding rather quickly now!  Which is awesome! =D

For now children that's all I am going to say, but I will be back tomorrow and most likely the day after that as well. Remember, this is Jons Mind. So I will be back to blogging on whats on my mind and I'll even try to get back to vlogging.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Deep in my mind

We all know of my stupid show on YouTube, 'Jons Mind'.  It's not the best thing to watch, but hell, if you love me or just enjoy the stupid shit I say it's for you. Of course there is only so much I am wiling to say on camera. My deepest thoughts will not be recorded, at least not yet. Tell then, I write them... I truly don't know where this blog is going, but I thought I'd let you'll know.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My poetry and thoughts.. (part one)

Here are a few things I take out of my mind and put into words.

"I write these notes to myself in hopes that I will lisetn to what I have to say. And learn to see what was my past, and how it's apart of my future." - Dec 22nd

"While I lay in bed I think about the times we could of had, I think about the ones we've had as well. More importantly I'm still thinking of you. It hurts me more then it will have ever hurt you, because it's me who wants to move on in life.." - Dec 25th

"I live with no true purpose, I live with no true goal, I live with no true meaning, with no true meaning at all. I feel as if I'm lost, I feel as if I'm found, I feel as if I could be somebody, as if I was nobody at all." - Feb 8th

"Why does the human desire to have such vivid memories of something that has never occurred?" - Feb 9th

"We are born once, we die once. We live for as long as we choose." - Feb 10th

"The light at the end of the tunnel seems far more promising then the darkness known as life" - Feb 14th

"It saddens me that some of you can't think for yourselfs. You're poisoned by the people around you. Feeding off of their thoughts and opinions. When you know that it’s not wise. You should open your eyes and stop looking at the shadows of others, and cast your own light & think for yourself. Only you know what is right" - Feb 24th

"I don't know how to feel lately. My mind draws blanks when trying to find any emotions. I want to feel happy, I want to feel sad, I want to feel pain. It seems like I want to love once more, but I don't know how to anymore." - Feb 26th

"I am a god in my own eyes; perfect in every way. Now, believe you're a goddess." - Mar 10th

"This house is the burden of my life. These people in it bring me pain. I feel hate when around them, and see fake smiles on their faces. Nothing good ever comes from this place, it makes me feel smaller then I truly am. Belittled in everyway.. This house is the burden of my life." - Mar 12th

"Abuse me with your words, I won't give in to them. Abuse me with your words, I'll still stand up. Abuse me with your words, I'll still be stronger then you ever knew." - Mar 14th

...So yeah! What do you'll think?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Things You Missed..

It has been a month since I have last posted anything on the personal blog. What a long month it has been too. Where to begin? Well I'll start by saying; Apple inc, your MagSafes are the biggest piece of shits EVER. The cable gave out and for three weeks I was with out one.. There is way more to this story. I had went on eBay looking for a replacement and just when I thought I had found one it turns out that the damn thing was defective when arrived. Son of a bitches! They lied to me.. Also they sent me an 85w MagSafe, my Mac requires a 60w.. So I promptly go in contact with them an demanded a refund. Thankfully they were swift about this, and didn't require me to ship back the item; seeing that it was defective. Back to eBay I went, searching for a more trust worthy seller. Thankfully I came across one and received the working item in four business days.. Anyway, enough about that and on to some other shit. Well there wasn't all bad thins month, I pre-registered for San-Japan :3. Ever since then I been quite excited for the event, even though it's still quite sometime out. I never really been into anime, but it is really cool! I went to one yesterday with my good friend Jared, and his lady friend Felicia. We were all dressed up in Steampunk attire (I'll have more on this on the S.P.A blog).
Here is something you'll will find either really silly, or really cute. There is this girl that I find rather attractive, but the thing is I don't know how to approach her.. The reason being is that I only see her in the mornings. She and I are on the bus, in destination to the same place. I find her to be really cute, but I don't know how to approach her or simply open my mouth and start a conversation with her. To me this is a challenge; not starting conversations with strangers, but with strangers I find attractive.. Oh damn me.
So, do you'll remember 'KCB Films'? I know, it hasn't made videos in awhile, but March will bring a good amount. 'Jons Mind; will be back, and maybe some random content here and there. I need to get my opinions of things out on video so I can be heard. Now when 'Jons Mind' comes back, the episodes will not be in HD. Reasoning for this is rendering time.. But all other original content will be in HD as intended. So for now, this is all I have. Till next time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPad: My Take..

Weighing in at a mirror 1.5 pounds, and the gorgeous 9.7" LED-backlight screen will catch anyone’s attention at first glance. The question: Tablet to change all tablets? Or just another failed attempt? I'll start by saying that this device has been talked about for three years, and it’s nice to see 'most' of the rumors come to an end. Do I really think this is the tablet to change all tablets? No, I think it is just a step into that direction. Allow me to elaborate. First generation model; we know by this time next year we’ll all be drooling over the second generation. If this device were to be perfect from the start, do you think we’d even give thought to purchasing a newer one? I didn’t think so. What makes it a good start to the right direction? Its simplicity: A very familiar interface known to current iPhone and iPod touch users. Compatibility: Simple to download applications off of the app-store and all applications on there are compatible on the device, straight out of the box and syncs with both pc’s and Macs. Pricing: Apple was smart this time around, it’s in everyone’s tablet budget (if you’re not a tight ass). Redesigned applications: The main apps are completely different then what you have seen on the iPhone. Viewing movies is beyond beautiful with its 9.7” display, giving you 720p HD viewing! You can even view YouTube videos in HQ or HD (if available). Calendar looks stunning; your day-planner in a rather sleek device. iPod app looks like a scaled down version of iTunes 9… To learn more about these and other revamped applications, go over to

Star Trek in beautiful 720p (HD)

Now for the things I would of loved to have seen. Number one on this list is, multitasking! That’s right, and the iPad is very much capable of doing this, with its 1gh processor. How would this come in handy? Simple; lets say you’re viewing a movie, and you want to browse the web too. Problem, you would have to pause the movie and open safari. My vision: Pulling up your browser, and having your movie side by side at the same time. Another scenario: is playing on your device, and you want to open up your facebook app to see what the friends are up to. Well I’d be able to exit and look to see who’s on. Video conferencing; this device could of easily had a camera mounted in the front. Maybe next year? A redesigned UI; I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the current, but I would of liked to had seen a cross fade between leopard and the iPhone OS, not just a larger version of the iPhone OS its self. This one I could deal without, but it would be nice to see: Dual dock connection, to charge in both vertical and horizontal. Flash support; this product is practically a laptop… Why don’t we have flash support on it? I can see it as a simple firmware update, but still, out of the box is so much better. At least YouTube is a good source for most of my entertainment. 

You heard my opinion on the device; what is yours? Please do let me know, I always enjoy seeing people different views on Apple and their prroducts.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Days Back To Classes

Well today marks my third day back to college.. Great! Just what I wanted, but its not all that bad. Except I am missing a book for a class and we are already using it. Fucking awesome, no? Yeah, no; The book costs a hundred dolors. I don't have that kind of money, and I get the feeling that my father is going to be an asshole and not get me the book. You know what, thats fucking fine, not like I need it to pass. Whats that? I do? Dammit! If he doesn't want to supply me with the only book I am missing then he can go fuck himself. Honestly, its not like he paid for this semester anyway. Plus he got it easy last semester, this years cost $900, last was $600...(Why am I ranting on about this?) Back to classes and what not! Okay, so my first class is English and I have a super cool teacher. Sweat too; I think thats do to her old age, but she is seriously the coolest old person I know. My second class (Oh, by the way: These classes are on MWF) is Math.. Its not that I don't like math, it's just I have to like the teachers teaching method. So far there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with hers. Well see how long that lasts.. Now third in the day is reading; the teacher seems like a super bitch. Yeah, it is possible to be that much of one. She will eat your soul (thankfully I already ate mine) if you have any electronic devices out. Onto my Tuesday/Thursday schedule; so what does this consist of? My classes I will enjoy the most. The first out of two is 'Web Page Design I'. The teacher seems good, I'm going to awesome she is from China or something in the lines of that. because I highly doubt her first language was English. I'm not saying she speaks it bad; I am just saying that its not all there. Now the second of them is Microcomputer Applications. Which to me seems like the biggest joke in the book! I will Ace that class like no tomorrow.. Except for the obvious fact that there will be a tomorrow. The teacher even said if you did all the assignments early and turn them in, he could give you the exam early. How awesome is that? Really is; I could finish that class in a month and only have four classes to worry about. So I am going to do that. Alright, now onto what is really important about college.. The women, thats is correct my friends. Why is this? Well easy answer, no matter who you are there are tons of women who will cream over you. You just need to look around, join a club or something like that. Start up a random conversation with the hot chick who sits next to you. Don't be shy to ask if she has a facebook; that like the new "getting her number".. Okay, not as promising though, but it is a step closer to it. (Random thought: How many words are in this blog?) I don't want to let this run on any longer then it has, so for now have an excellent day.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Journal(s)!

If you watch 'Jons Mind' on YouTube, the you'd know that one of my resolutions was to keep a journal..Fun? Not really, its a pain in the ass. I know I enjoy writing, but I enjoy having an audience even more. So I was thinking what if I posted them on here!.. Well at least parts of them. My mind can be a dark place sometime children, so dark that it might eat your soul. Or not, but still there are just some things in my life that will stay "private". Why I quoted the word 'private' I will never know myself.. Anyway, on to the first post.

Day 1:

Well today was the first day of the new year, and it was rather uneventful. I'm not complaining either. It's rare when I don't get bothered every ten seconds by mother/or step-dad. It's also rear when I stay in my pj's all day. What a great thing to do, along with playing xbox live all day. Now if everyday was like this, but then that'd just get quite tired some.. So 2010! The new year, what will it bring me? I wish I knew. But we'll have to wait and see, because sometimes that's all we can really do... Wait, I'm tired of waiting. This year I'm going to make sure things go my way. Sure, I may fail every so often. But that doesn't mean give up on what I want. 2010.. You're going to be my friend.

Okay, so that was my first entry.. Now here is from day 6

Today, was another day of living and another day of breathing. What made today special? Nothing.. I mean sure, I got to hang with my friends. But I still feel like I'm missing something in this life. Someday I hope to find it, her. As said "Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin, and the end, with no lasting memories made in between. Most days have no impact on the course of life." This is so true, but there are days that do have lasting memories, and I know it will come for me. Soon? Not likely, bit given time it will.. Anyway, enough depressing shit. So, I uploaded today's Jons Mind.. Sadly didn't record one for tomorrow. I will do something though. I've gained more subscribers!! It's exiting. Hopefully I'll end with a good amount by this year. Till tomorrow, goodnight.

Alright, so this is a deeper side of me. Kind of fucking emo, no?.. I'd say yes. But anyway, I will be posting some of my journal entries for you'll to see. Till my next post, let me know if you keep a journal and what kind of secrets do you have!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Well Hello!

Some of you'll may already know me, for those of you who don't: I am Jon!.. Okay, now who the hell is Jon? I'm just some random guy who lives in San Antonio, TX. Social networking seems to be one of my favorite ways to use up time, and writing done my thoughts as well.. Thats why this blog is born. I am not new to the blog world, nor to blogger, but this time I'm going to stick around. What are some of the blog sites I've used? Tumblr, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc... I seem to always wind right back here. Now I did mention I live social networking; so where else can 'Jons Mind' be found? Look no further then Twitter, DailyBooth, formspring, and YouTube. Thats right children, my twitter, formspring, and DailyBooth accounts are all 'JonsMind'. Exciting shit isn't it! Also I do like to show my face, so to see me in action do subscribe to 'Kcb Films' on a YouTube near you. Now that we have that out of the way, I'll go on to boring you and telling you my interests in life. Fuck! Who want's to hear that shit?.. You're right, I don't even want to hear that. So I will just leave things a mystery for now... Plus I will have some information about me in 'about me'.. Oh, what do you know! They have one of those. I hope you all do get to know me more along the way, and hope you'll enjoy!