Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Days Back To Classes

Well today marks my third day back to college.. Great! Just what I wanted, but its not all that bad. Except I am missing a book for a class and we are already using it. Fucking awesome, no? Yeah, no; The book costs a hundred dolors. I don't have that kind of money, and I get the feeling that my father is going to be an asshole and not get me the book. You know what, thats fucking fine, not like I need it to pass. Whats that? I do? Dammit! If he doesn't want to supply me with the only book I am missing then he can go fuck himself. Honestly, its not like he paid for this semester anyway. Plus he got it easy last semester, this years cost $900, last was $600...(Why am I ranting on about this?) Back to classes and what not! Okay, so my first class is English and I have a super cool teacher. Sweat too; I think thats do to her old age, but she is seriously the coolest old person I know. My second class (Oh, by the way: These classes are on MWF) is Math.. Its not that I don't like math, it's just I have to like the teachers teaching method. So far there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with hers. Well see how long that lasts.. Now third in the day is reading; the teacher seems like a super bitch. Yeah, it is possible to be that much of one. She will eat your soul (thankfully I already ate mine) if you have any electronic devices out. Onto my Tuesday/Thursday schedule; so what does this consist of? My classes I will enjoy the most. The first out of two is 'Web Page Design I'. The teacher seems good, I'm going to awesome she is from China or something in the lines of that. because I highly doubt her first language was English. I'm not saying she speaks it bad; I am just saying that its not all there. Now the second of them is Microcomputer Applications. Which to me seems like the biggest joke in the book! I will Ace that class like no tomorrow.. Except for the obvious fact that there will be a tomorrow. The teacher even said if you did all the assignments early and turn them in, he could give you the exam early. How awesome is that? Really is; I could finish that class in a month and only have four classes to worry about. So I am going to do that. Alright, now onto what is really important about college.. The women, thats is correct my friends. Why is this? Well easy answer, no matter who you are there are tons of women who will cream over you. You just need to look around, join a club or something like that. Start up a random conversation with the hot chick who sits next to you. Don't be shy to ask if she has a facebook; that like the new "getting her number".. Okay, not as promising though, but it is a step closer to it. (Random thought: How many words are in this blog?) I don't want to let this run on any longer then it has, so for now have an excellent day.

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